Did you know that Priorat has one of the least polluted skies in Catalonia?

The Serra de Montsant Natural Park was the first space in Catalonia to receive, in 2019, the double certification of protection of light and acoustic quality from the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat.

Discovering what is up there, learning to place ourselves in the middle of the universe, looking for stars, planets and satellites, and photographing it to immortalize it, are the objectives of a combined activity that will be led by the photographer and biologist Jordi Bru and will have the participation of the astrologer Jaume Oliver from the Astrotorroja association.

If you are passionate about photography and night, do not miss on October 7th this outing where we will enjoy the sunset, landscape, moonrise and astrophotography!

20:00h: Meeting
20:15h: Scroll to the sunset location
21:30h: Lunch box
dinner 22:00h: Start of astrophotography
activity 02:00h:
Group photo and end of activity

NOTE: The program may have some variation if the organization considers it.

– SLR camera


Very important:
– Comfortable and well-tied sports shoes
– Warm clothing
– Flashlight or headlamp

Includes insurance.

If you come from far away and do not return home so late, we can offer you accommodation! Contact us at 977821313.

+34 977 82 13 13

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